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Comedian Pete Johansson


Make Me Laugh T.O.


February 11, 2021


Pete Johansson is one of the few truly standout Canadian comedians.

His ability to layout his jokes in a way that has the crowd buy-in early is quite impressive but nothing new. Clocking in at an hour even, you feel like you’re in a comedy club with fellow Passive Aggressive Torontonians.

Having travelled the world for comedy and being a deep thinker (He’s currently pursuing a master’s degree in Cognitive Psychology at U of T) His Observations relating to Social differences between Canadians and Americans, Long term relationships, and Therapy are refreshing and just plain funny.

Pete’s ability to weave in and explain complicated concepts into very funny bits feel effortless. In a world where virtue signalling can be recognized quickly and feel off-putting, Pete lets it rip from the start challenging social norms, while the laughs keep rolling in the right to the end.

Standout tracks include:

Drinking and Blowjobs, Labels and Nationalism, Dish Washing and Rise of Squirt Girl

His take on Love is great because he’s able to extrapolate the biological phenomena that’s happening and then do a silly and crazy take on how relationships start off. Simply put, Pete is one of the best stand-up comedians I’ve seen live. He’s got more than 20 years of International Comedy experience having worked in the best comedy clubs worldwide and done the most prestigious festivals. Released under Tyler Morrisson’s Cottage Comedy label also makes it a perfect match.

Coming out of this Pandemic, I’d highly advise you to check out his Netflix special until you’re able to find him live in Toronto if you’re lucky enough.

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