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Comedian Pete Johansson


Pete Johansson is one of the few truly standout Canadian comedians. His ability to layout his jokes in a way that has the crowd buy-in early is quite impressive but nothing new. Clocking in at an hour even, you feel like you're in a comedy club with fellow Passive Aggressive Torontonians. Having travelled the world for comedy and being a deep thinker (He's currently pursuing a master's degree in Cognitive Psychology at U of T) His Observations relating to Social differences between Canadians and Americans, Long term relationships, and Therapy are refreshing and just plain funny. Pete's ability to weave in [...]

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Emergency Relief Fund for Canadian Comedians


HOW CAN I HELP COVID-19 has caused a complete shut down of live performance venues which is leading to financial challenges faced by those involved in the comedy industry including: stand-up, sketch and improv performers, producers, agents/managers, servers, administrative staff, promoters, and other venue and event-related professionals. Over the last few days, comedy fans and supporters have reached out to CASC to find out where they can donate to help those in the comedy industry get through this difficult time. CASC has put together a Fundraising Task Team to help Canadian Comedians during this time of crisis. Please see the [...]

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APRIL FOOLS! Bun & Cheese Edition


NOW ONLINE: Enjoy a Sunday evening laugh with good food (we hope!), good jokes, and a VIRTUAL community of good folks! Grab a FREE ticket and laugh along with our lineup of funny comics. CLIF KNIGHT Clif Knight is a Guyanese born comedian living in Toronto and making jokes all over the world. His style includes jokes about his Caribbean family, differences between men and women, seeing a situation through the eyes of a child, gifted or otherwise and life from the modern black perspective. He's been a feature on the Nubian Show with Kenny Robinson, SHADE with Anasimone [...]

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